Our Story

Mano Mano Apparel Company (MM) exists to celebrate the culture, community, and aesthetics of martial arts. Pride and great care go into the design, development, and curation of our garment collections, just as it goes into our training on the mat.  MM offers gym wear, street wear, and casual wear that focuses in particular on the arts of Muay Thai, Jeet Kune Do, and Filipino Boxing and Weaponry, while incorporating design aesthetics from multiple generations of vintage classic appeal.

Origin Story:
Based out of Detroit, Michigan, Mano Mano was first conceived as an alternative brand in the MMA Apparel landscape, with designs featuring largely overlooked communities of martial artists by contemporary designers. We have grown to include collaborations of many kinds with many different Artists, Styles, and Stylists, with an ever-evolving collection of items and themes. We seek to promote these arts in our gyms, our neighborhoods, and in our communities.  We aim to help the Lifestyle Martial Artist represent their passion and hard work from the inside, out.

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MM Owners and Training Partners, Joe Lombardi and Kurt Cornwell